Self-Booking Delivery

Order online, book your suki rider to collect your order.

Delivery apps tag users' GPS location by default, which means it is more accurate when customers handles the booking as opposed to us doing it. This approach helps avoid incidents of incorrect pin locations, ensuring your cake arrives safe and sound! 


  • Add items to your cart and choose when you want to pick them up. At checkout, select "Pickup" or "Self-Booking Delivery" as your delivery method.
  • Arrange for a delivery rider to collect your order at the chosen time. Before confirming the booking, write your order number and other order details in the 'Note to Driver' section in your delivery app.
  • Ask Ally in the chat box if you need more information as to our branch location and contact details. You may call our personnel anytime to properly coordinate the pickup although your rider can already do this by himself.
  • Remember to tell your delivery rider to bring a standard delivery bag. We're not responsible for any damage if the rider doesn’t follow this rule.

    Question: Why can't you perform the delivery booking for your customers?

    Answer: We totally understand why this might be a question, especially for those who remember how we used to manage delivery bookings ourselves. Sadly, due to a steady increase of our customer base and limitations in our manpower, it is now inefficient for us to manage bookings. Picture this: if we have 15 orders all scheduled for 9:00 AM, even our best multi-taskers armed with 2 smartphones would still take over 3 hours just to book deliveries for that 9:00AM batch alone! It's a lot quicker and more efficient for each of those 15 customers to book their own delivery at the same time.

    If you find Self-Booking Delivery to be a daunting task, we recommend ordering through our FoodPanda or GrabFood stores instead. These platforms offer a more effortless service, but then we all know they come with commission fees aside from delivery fees. 

    We want you to have the best of both worlds--convenience and value. Self-Booking Delivery is the solution. 

    Question: So, isn't Self-Booking just a fancier term for Pabili Service?

    Answer: Not quite! Pabili Service involves a delivery rider buying items for you. They use their own cash to buy what you need, which can take anywhere from 5 minutes to an hour, especially during busy times like Christmas as they have to fall in line like a regular walk-in customer. Riders are also anxious to accept Pabili Service requests as they have to shell out their own money upfront.

    Self-Booking Delivery, on the other hand, is where you've already made the purchase yourself via this website. You select your cake, add a personal dedication message, and pay via credit card, bank transfer, or Gcash. The rider simply picks up your order with no need to wait in line as the reservation was already confirmed and the order has been prepared even before he gets to our store, making the process much quicker.

    Plus, there's a sweet bonus: you earn loyalty points* for every self-booking order, which you can exchange for discounts on future purchases. This perk is exclusive to our website customers, adding more value to your shopping experience with us.

    *Must sign-up to our loyalty program.