Quality-Related Complaints

Phelp Cake Shop and Ally Oriental Food Corporation is committed to ensuring the highest quality in our products and services. As a Food and Drug Administration (FDA)-licensed food manufacturer, we strictly adhere to the highest standards set by the FDA. Despite our rigorous efforts to maintain these standards, we acknowledge the possibility of errors occurring.

Exclusion of Delivery-Related Damages

It is important to note that any damages or defects caused during the delivery process fall outside the scope of our responsibility. This pertains specifically to the quality of the cake from the point of dispatch. We advise customers to take up any delivery-related complaints directly with the delivery service provider.

Monitoring and Security Measures

In response to recent incidents of post-purchase tampering and fraudulent claims, we have implemented enhanced security measures. High-definition security cameras have been installed at our production sites to monitor quality compliance continuously and to provide evidence in cases where post-purchase tampering or fraudulent claims are suspected.

Procedure for Valid Complaints

For customers with valid complaints about product defects, we have established the following procedure:

  • The customer must arrange for the return of the product to Purple Cake Shop.
  • A signed statement is required from the customer, detailing the facts of the incident, including the date and area of purchase.
  • To ensure objectivity and fairness, the returned product will be submitted immediately to health authorities for investigation.
  • We will keep the customer informed throughout the process and provide updates as they become available.
  • Pending the outcome of the investigation, the customer will receive immediate indemnification, irrespective of the investigation's result in relation to our production fault.

Handling of Fraudulent Claims

In cases where a claim is determined to be fraudulent, the matter will be escalated to our legal department for further action. We take fraudulent claims very seriously, and appropriate legal measures will be pursued against individuals found to be making such claims.

This statement reflects our dedication to quality, customer satisfaction, and the integrity of our products and processes. We believe in handling each complaint with the utmost seriousness and in a manner that is fair and transparent to all parties involved.


For product complaints, contact:


Victor Amoguez III


Ally Oriental Food Corporation