About Us

Welcome to Purple Cake Shop, where we proudly revive the authentic and timeless taste of the traditional Ube cake.

 Unloading of freshly harvested Ube crops at Purple Cake Gingoog Branch

With a legacy spanning decades, Ube cake has become a cherished dessert enjoyed by many. However, as technology progressed, the rising demand for Ube desserts compounded by profit-centric approach by most industry players, prompted the development of mass-produced Ube powders and cheap ube-derivative ingredients.

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Unfortunately, these mass-produced alternatives came at a cost. They relied heavily on preservatives, artificial coloring, and extenders, ultimately compromising the true essence and flavor of Ube cake. Even some of the popular cottage brands today use these pre-mixed Ube cake powders. This compromised the authenticity and quality of the beloved Ube cake, leaving consumers yearning for the genuine taste they once knew.

Here at Purple Ube Cake Shop, we are dedicated to reviving the traditional Ube cake process by using locally sourced Ube. By doing so, we ensure that our Ube cakes possess the distinct and authentic taste that has been long forgotten. Our commitment to preserving the original recipe and ingredients is what sets us apart.

Our customers are our biggest advocates, attesting to the exceptional quality and unique flavor of our Ube cakes. They often remark that our cakes taste different and that's because we adhere to the traditional process and utilize the ingredients that were once cherished.

At Purple Cake Shop, we go above and beyond to make every customer's visit worthwhile. Despite specializing in a single product, we believe that creating a memorable experience extends beyond taste. That's why we have invested in above-average interiors, creating an inviting atmosphere that complements our delectable Ube cakes.

Join us at Purple Cake Shop and indulge in the unparalleled pleasure of our authentic Ube cakes. We are passionate about preserving tradition, delighting our customers, and sharing the nostalgic flavors that have made Ube cake a timeless delight.