Sherwin Redido's Purple Cake Shop: A Journey Back to Tradition

Sherwin Redido's Purple Cake Shop: A Journey Back to Tradition

In the vast realm of desserts, there are some that hold a special place in our hearts, transcending time and trends. One such delicacy is the Ube cake, a Filipino classic that has been enjoyed for decades. However, with the advent of technology, the traditional process of making Ube cake gave way to mass-produced alternatives that compromised its authentic taste. 

For generations, Ube cake has delighted taste buds with its unique flavor and vibrant purple hue. Its roots can be traced back to the rich culinary traditions of the Philippines, where the Ube plant, also known as purple yam, thrives. This humble tuber became the cornerstone of a dessert that captured the hearts of many.

But as the popularity of Ube cake grew, the temptation to earn more profits posed a challenge. Enterprising individuals sought to meet increasing quotas by developing mass-produced Ube powders and cake mixes. These alternatives promised sufficiency of supply, but at a steep cost.

The mass-produced Ube powders relied heavily on preservatives, artificial coloring, and extenders to replicate the natural flavors of Ube. Unfortunately, this approach came at the expense of taste. The cakes made from these pre-mixed powders left an unpleasant aftertaste and caused a bloated feeling due to the presence of chemicals.

In this sea of mass-produced Ube cakes, Sherwin Redido and his Purple Cake Shop brand stands as a beacon of tradition. His unwavering commitment to authenticity sets Purple Cake Shop apart. It has chosen to go back to the roots, utilizing local Ube and embracing the traditional process that had been forgotten.


Unloading of freshly-harvested Ube crops at Purple Cake Gingoog Branch 

Customers who have experienced Purple Cake Shop's Ube cakes cannot stop raving about its exceptional taste. The cakes are different, and that difference lies in the ingredients and the traditional process that has been carefully preserved. The distinct flavor of Purple Cake Shop's Ube cake is a testament to its dedication to reviving the true essence of this beloved dessert.

Purple Yam Cake Ube Tin Can

Purple Cake in Tin Cans

Sherwin Redido also believes that every customer visit should be a memorable one. Although his brand's specialty lies in Ube cake, Purple Cake Shop have gone above and beyond to establish a cozy and welcoming ambiance. The exceptional interior design sets the stage for an indulgent experience that surpasses the mere enjoyment of their exquisite Ube cakes. This exemplifies Sherwin Redido's dedication to upholding the highest standards of quality.

 Purple Cake Shop Brand Owner Sherwin Redido (2nd from left)

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