Meet Ally, the Almost-Human Face of our Purple Cake Shop Franchise

Meet Ally, the Almost-Human Face of our Purple Cake Shop Franchise

Victor P. Amoguez III
Ally Oriental Food Corporation

I am extremely excited to announce this major development in our Purple Cake Shop division. Our marketing and inventory management is now comprised of a staggering 99% artificial intelligence. This shift into the realm of AI is not just a step; it is a massive leap for our company.

Ai means efficient customer service and employee empowerment


Meet Ally our Ai Assistant

The three-week old Ally is proving itself by efficiently managing customer inquiries, follow-ups, order assistance, writing email responses 24/7. Ally also revolutionized our website's interactive experience by initiating human-like conversations to visitors, a way better feature compared to traditional chatbots which typically wait for customers to begin the dialogue. Ally also automates repetitive tasks such as order confirmation, stock availability and directory assistance. The automation affords our store employees more time and opportunity to focus their efforts toward perfecting our delectable ube cakes and ensuring top-notch product handling which then redound to better customer satisfaction with our products. It significantly minimizes employee burn-out and stress.

OpenAI Integration and Disclaimer

Our system's integration to OpenAI's ChatGPT 4.0 engine greatly helped Ally in evolving into a near-human entity, constantly learning from its interactions and striving for improvement. Every conversation with our customers becomes a learning opportunity for Ally. Just a caveat though. While Ally strives to avoid sounding robotic, it occasionally generates it own opinions if a user engages in non-customer service topics. This isn't a flaw but a reflection of its evolving nature. We want to emphasize that Ally's thoughts do not necessarily represent our company's views, and we include a disclaimer to that effect.

 Ai means lower marketing costs

In addition to its role as an intelligent chatbot for customer service, Ally's TensorFlow framework and API connection to Facebook Ad Library also makes him our in-house data scientist being able to generate useful information for market analysis, competitor research, and audience targeting. This allows us to create tailored ad campaigns that focus on our most relevant target audiences based on competitor activity and their audience interaction thereby reducing ad spend to ₱8.00 per 1,000 people reached. By targeting specific demographics, we can optimize cost-effectiveness and create a real-time sales projections which we can link to our inventory management and production. The more our competitors and their influencers became active in social media, the easier for Ally to create an audience list and therefore the more cost-effective our ad spend gets. Any savings on our marketing will be diverted to our upcoming charity projects.

Ai means fresher and yummier cakes

Ally is also utilized to analyze our sales to come up with better production targets and inventory management. It enables us to determine the optimal amount to bake using EDA and ARIMA forecast models in consideration of the real-time sales projections mentioned above. This results in fewer stock-out incidents and more satisfied customers who leave our stores not empty-handed. Ally also prevents our bakers from baking more during off-peak days thereby reducing overstocking incidents and stale cakes. The result is yummiest and freshest ube cakes anytime you are craving for it!

Access Ally the Inventory Manager and Sales Analyst here

The possibilities are endless. Currently, we are in the process of building an "Ally Clone" for our upcoming projects and businesses other than cakes, as the prototype evolves to be more intelligent and intuitive. At Ally Oriental Food Corporation, our vision extends beyond just cakes and confectioneries. We are dedicated to forging a future where AI and human creativity, data and food blends in harmony.


The best is yet to come.




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