Purple Cake Shop: Celebrating 90 Days at Capitol Branch

Purple Cake Shop: Celebrating 90 Days at Capitol Branch

As the Capitol Branch of Purple Cake Shop celebrates its 90th day, it's a moment to reflect, not just within our walls, but through the wider lens of our community's voice on FoodPanda and GrabFood. These platforms, known for their neutrality and trustworthiness, serve as the bedrock for our customer feedback, providing us an unfiltered view of our impact and areas for growth.

A Beacon of Quality in the Ube Cake Market

Purple Cake Shop's commitment to excellence is mirrored in the feedback and ratings we've garnered on FoodPanda and GrabFood. These platforms, cherished for their unbiased review systems, have highlighted our position as a leading contender, if not the reigning champion, in the ube cake market today. The high average rating and the plethora of positive reviews sing praises of our best-selling ube cake, validating our efforts to create cakes that not only taste good but also evoke joy and satisfaction.

Transparent Feedback, Honest Improvements

Our journey is one of continuous learning, guided by the honest feedback from our customers through FoodPanda and GrabFood. Recognizing our challenges, especially in meeting the surging demand during special occasions, has been a critical aspect of our growth. Despite strides made since January, there were instances where we had to pause our availability on these platforms due to stock shortages.

This transparency in customer feedback has been invaluable, pushing us to innovate and find robust solutions to ensure that our beloved ube cake and other offerings are always available, even in the busiest of times.

Forward With Your Support

The insights gained from FoodPanda and GrabFood are not just metrics of past performance but beacons that guide our path forward. As we aim to solidify our status as the best ube cake brand, these neutral platforms remain crucial in capturing the voice of our customers, helping us refine and perfect the Purple Cake experience.

We're committed to addressing the stock challenges head-on, ensuring that every special occasion can be celebrated with a slice of our exquisite ube cake. Our promise to you is one of relentless improvement, unwavering quality, and an ever-present ear to your feedback.

A Sweet Future Together

We extend our deepest gratitude to you, our customers, for your patience, support, and constructive feedback through FoodPanda and GrabFood. Your voice is the cornerstone of our evolution, and together, we will continue to celebrate the sweet moments that life offers.

Here's to more milestones, more celebrations, and more delectable ube cakes from Purple Cake Shop. Thank you for being an integral part of our sweet journey.




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